Tuesday, June 12, 2007


A Song for William

I see you only once in ten years.
The pain of seeing you leave
is the sun dying over the seas.
But I love every single day of it.
I'm grateful, in fact,
because I know, somewhere,
there's You whose love for me will last.

Once every ten years,
I patiently stand waiting,
for that burst of green light
that signals your coming.
To the great sea beyond,
I try to catch a glimpse,
of your arms outstretched,
reaching out to me.

Distance separates us.
The depth of Ocean threatens our romance.
Even Time is between us.
Only Faith stands by our side.

I take comfort with the knowledge,
that no matter what,
my heart belongs to you,
and yours is always with me.

Tomorrow, I will see you again, my love.
And then again an eternity of waiting.
Don't despair, my love.
I won't get tired of hoping,
the way the sun never tires of rising;
the way my heart never stops beating,
only for you.

My forever is that one day,
that moment that's ours,
one day in ten years.

I promise to keep your heart.

Your love,

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