Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'll be gone for a little while (sticky note messages)

Better and safer to leave in the morning, not tonight. Get up at 5am and not a minute later. Believe me; you’ll make it to the office on time.

I know they’re your favorite pair but they need a date with the machine, you’ll look equally dashing in the others, trust me.

You’re not fat. You’re fine the way you are. I don’t mean you should gain more weight though, okay?

Grow your collection of memories. The little printouts are okay.

Comma first before the close quotation mark

Take the carpet to the cleaners, one of these days.

Don’t let them get used to you doing everything in the office. It’s okay to speak out sometimes. Just be tactful.

It’s not girly to get a facial once in a while. Don’t forget to get yours, okay?

When there’s a chance, grow a beard and a mustache. Hehe…

No, you’re not always right but I’m always on your side. I don’t mind losing with you.

It won’t kill you if you say ‘sorry’. Say it when you know you should.

It’s nice that you wash the dishes and refill the water containers when no one asks you to. Keep this up.

Thank you for eating whatever I cook even if they taste bad sometimes.

Don’t be scared to hold them. I’m sure they enjoy the playtimes with you. Make them laugh. Be part of their lives. Teach them when you can. Protect them. They are your princesses for now.

I’m sorry I read your messages and watched that video.

I won’t take it against you if we lost touch.

I’ll miss you big time!

Take care of yourself…

Once and for all

I’ll do what I got to do

Fly to that foreign land

Seize the opportunity

Fulfill that dream of a better life

It’s true, what they say

Not all desires are rational

I’ll do what I got to do

What I want will have to wait

I have, however, come to terms

With Reality, It’s never set

Things happen, people forget

Some love cannot wait

Before Time casts its spell

Once and for all, I’d like to say

Don’t wait, but know that

Forget, I will never
And so it happens...

So love evolves. It's good to have finally realized this. At least, finally I'm done feeling stuck in a situation that left me wanting for more. I have finally accepted the fact that sometimes things are just the way they are. I've gone from loving and wanting to be loved in return, to loving and wanting to be exclusively loved, to loving and wanting to be loved the same way I love, and finally to loving without wanting anything in return except for that person to be happy. And this time, I mean it. I am now ready to let go and be happy myself. And I wish nothing for him but to feel that feeling of unconditional love that I felt for him and to receive it from the same person that he'll feel this way for.

I know it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. A lot of things happened from the time I last posted an article. Good things, bad. Heartaches, love. Friendships. Coming and going. But, most importantly, I have come to terms with myself.

So happiness is really not something that you get from someone else. I finally get this. Happiness is a state of being that only you can make happen for yourself. I am determined to find this.