Tuesday, June 12, 2007


From Captain Jack Sparrow to Elizabeth

"It wouldn't have worked between us" -- Elizabeth

I don't understand what it is I see in you.
It's hard to comprehend how much I love you.
After all the pain,
it completely eludes me.
What is it in you?
What is it about you?

I should be over you by now.
I should just forget about my vow.
You don't deserve all the love I got.
You're not enough.
You don't measure up.

I should, really, but I couldn't.
I can't make myself forget,
the feelings only you can make me feel --
the warmth of your embrace,
your face.

How can I forget
when only you can make me feel?
Only you can make me feel
such wonderful feelings.
It'll be like dying.
It'll be like dying.

You have brought me nothing but tears.
I want you near me but every time it hurts.
You hurt me every time.

I really should be over you by now.

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