Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Girl Who Always Stalled

The girl I will tell you about
Is Mariana Mamaya na.
She has to stall and take her time,
When mum asks her to clean her grime.
She loves to play and chitty chat,
Won’t brush her teeth or take a bath.

“Mariana, come!” her mum would shout.
Bad Girl just turns her back around.
“Mariana, fix your bed right now.”
“Later mum! I’m busy (frown)!”
This is the daily scene
In the house where Mariana and Mum live in.

And then one day Mariana learned
Her lesson in a hard way.
She got her class card with failing marks,
Worried about how mum would react.
She stayed in the garden for a while,
Waited for Courage to come by.

Looking at her card she thought,
“How will I make this work?”
And then to her surprise and awe
Her marks came to life and talked!
“Hello Mariana,” 75 said.
“I’m sure you are scared to death,”
“You got low grades because, you know,”
“You didn’t study after all.”

Mariana got confused and scared,
So she screamed and then she fled.
On to the house she went,
Locked the door and climbed the stairs.
She then thought she needed a bath,
But then too bad the faucet cried!
“There is no water for you, I’m sorry,”
“Isn’t it that taking baths make you feel itchy?”
“Why are you in such a hurry,”
“To get rid of the grime on your body?”

“Ahhhh!” Mariana cried.
She couldn’t understand her plight.
She ran to the kitchen and got some soup.
It was all too much she needed to scoop.
But then as she put the spoon to her mouth,
The spoon wiggled and tugged with all it’s might.
“No! No! No food for you!”
“You have always ignored me, no food for you!”

Shocked and bafffled Mariana ran,
In her bedroom she ended up all wan.
“This is all impossible!”
“Spoons don’t talk and numbers don’t walk!”
She then thought it’s just a dream,
And to her bed she tried to un-dream.
Her bed then laughed outloud and jumped up,
And said, “No, Mariana! Enjoy the fun!”
“Why sleep when you have always wanted to play?”
“Isn’t it that you hate to sleep so early in the day?”

As if by magic, the faucet and the spoon,
Together with the numbers, were now in the room!
They were all laughing and jeering and sneering,
Poor Mariana couldn’t hide, couldn’t scream.
They were all around her now pushing and pulling,
She tried to fight them but her arms turned to pudding.

It was when she felt really scared and perplexed,
That a nut hit her head and thought she was going berserk.
So she looked up and everything then disappeared!
Poof! She was back in the garden under a tree...

Whew!it was just a curious dream!
But Mariana knew better now about things.
She would tell mum that she failed and learn from her mistakes.
And would promise not to stall ever again!
She’d promise to study and get homework ready,
Before she’d watch TV or play with her Barbie.
She’d promise to brush her teeth and shower,
After a bag of jelly beans and a game of Chinese garter.

What Mariana didn’t know,
Is that the numbers smiled and winked,
“The curious dream worked!
The girl who loved to stall, won’t be a brat anymore!”


What could he be thinking now...
Swordfights, princesses, pirates, flying bikes,
He is here with us but his eyes are blank,
Maybe he is thinking of big fish tanks.

He’s neither happy nor sad,
I wonder if he is in Fairyland,
I envy him so much sometimes,
He gets to travel and have so much fun.

I like sitting with him all day,
I like the silence, I like the game.
Elves, pixies, castles, and goblins,
Magic, mystery, witchcraft, bravery.

There are times, like now, you see,
When he turns and looks at me.
He would smile and hold my hand,
As if he’s saying he’s glad that I’m around.


Mama loves me very much!
She always prepares my lunch,
My dress is always clean and white,
Because mama makes sure of that.

Mama loves me very much!
She strokes my hair and gives me baths.
I love the way she sings to me,
The lullaby that is heavenly.

Mama loves me very much!
Her hugs and kisses dry my eyes.
When she cooks I always watch,
I learn from her and get a prize.

I love my mama very much.
I hope she really loves me back.
Because every time I wake up --
My mama disappears with the night.


Rain, rain, go away!
Come again another day!
I really don’t want to play!
Please rain, go away!

Please, please take away,
The cold and hunger I cannot bear.
My knees are buckling,
My throat is dry,
Hurry, hurry I might die!

If I was really very bad,
Please know I understand.
Just save my sister, she’s inside,
Her room is locked ,
Water’s rising fast!

I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done.
I was the one who ate the candy bar.
Mommy, it was I who locked
Little Tanya in the dark.

Rain, rain, go away!
I really don’t want to play!
Some jokes are bad, I know that now!
Save my sister, please dear God!

The Kid in the Cordilleras

Walking, walking
Mud on feet
Dirty old slippers
Swish swoosh swish

Water from the river
Wet tired feet
Cuts and blisters
Happy little feet

Skipping, skipping
Rocks and stones
Rubber slippers
Stuck! Now it broke!

Little hands try
Little hands try
To fix dirty old slippers
Eyes up to the sky

Slowly, slowly
Swish swoosh swish
Water from the river
Careful little feet

Wobble, wobble
Don’t burst the bubble
No need to rush
Careful of the rubble

Hurray little feet!
School is behind the trees!
More dirty old slippers
On happy little feet!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Interestingly, one of my colleagues who's a Nepali is taken by the song Halik and asked a favor to have the song translated in English... I was not so busy at that time so I thought, why not? Turned out that the song is poetic even in the English language...

Hi all,

I have a task 4 u all.. n I also this is my humble request to all of u.. can u plz translate Halik song In English. If u got time then, only….

I had attached Original Lyrics which is in Tagalog.

Salamat Sa Iyo..

I hope that you won’t have to go
My world then will be destroyed
But what can I do
If you don’t want this anymore
Who am I to keep you from leaving me alone?

When you go you will leave behind
Traces of our love
This song is a reminder
That I will never forget you
Because you are the only one in my world,
in my heart, in my life

I miss your kiss
I miss your kiss
Why did you have to leave me?

It hurts, oh baby
Every time I see you...
I can’t help but get jealous baby
Whenever I see you with someone else
Because you are the only one in my world,
in my heart, in my life...

I miss your kiss
I miss your kiss
Why did you have to leave me?

I hope that you won’t have to go
My world then will be destroyed
But what can I do
If you don’t want this anymore
Who am I to keep you from leaving me alone?

I miss your kiss
I miss your kiss
Why did you have to leave me?

I miss your kiss
Why did you leave me?

I miss your kiss
Why did you leave me?

Thanks Chloe!! Can u imagine the feeling he/she got.. its so touching. Thts y I like this song so much.. yesterday I only know da body of the song.. bt now by ur help I got da soul too.. thank u again..
Thank you in nepali “DHANYABAD”.. n in Tagalog Salamat sa Iyo.. Tkcr.. bye