Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Not yet

You ask my friends for a date,
You joke about girls you like in my face.
When you pull off those stunts, I just laugh,
Of course, so you won't know I feel bad.

When you call me over to hang out with, I go.
When it's my turn to ask you just raise your brow.
How insensitive do you think is that?

Sometimes I wonder if you're for real.
How can someone be so unfeeling?
How can you not know I'm reeling
Whenever you make me feel invisible,
When I'm just right beside you all along.
I feel sick to my stomach,
Whenever I try to just shrug it all off.

I know I have told you before,
And besides, how can you not know?
That to me you're not just a friend,
So why keep up with this trend?

I'm your friend, yes of course,
I told you I can live with that thought.
But still, you can't be coarse,
Isn't it obvious?
I'm still trying to move on.

I still get hurt when you talk
About your conquests and prospects.
It still turns my insides
When you make compliments.

I need time,
I need time.
I can't not love overnight.
Look into my eyes sometimes,
And you should see right through me.

Then you'll know,
I deserve a little consideration,
After all.

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