Friday, September 10, 2010

An Open Letter (21-01.2010)

I cannot comprehend
This thing that we can’t mend
Too many things left unsaid
Sweet stuff, nonexistent

Conversation went on and on
About you and me and slideshows
And birthdays and phone calls, nothing’s sure
Except the fact that I told you

I cannot comprehend
This thing that we can’t bend
Too many people to get hurt
I, for one, am broken and stressed

You said “let’s be honest”
“For once,” you even added
And I thought you’d live up
To the expectations we’ve set

But then you just stuttered
Babbled and rambled on 
Issues we’ve dusted
A long time ago and decided
They were over and pretended
To make it all sound okay
When we know full well 
It will never be the same again

How can it be when you’ve lied to me
And then that night you didn’t even say sorry
You said you care but you lie and you dare
And you hurt me big time
And you asked me questions I didn’t like
And then you think I can take in
Everything you’ve done… Unreal…

In the end, I’m not gonna say
I cannot be put to blame
Because I know at some point
I had shortcomings
I had some misgivings
Especially the part 
When I loved you too much
And I wasn’t so sure
If you are man enough
And I just let it all go
And I didn’t tell you so
But then I thought you should have known
After all we were together so long

I don’t really know now
How it will be
If you and I will still meet
I had so many plans
I painted too many pictures
Happy ones 
But then this happened 
And they’re all gone

My doctor told me to wear glasses all the time
I think she’s right, I thought my eyes are not all that bad
And then I realize we sometimes think all is fine
Without glasses they seem alright
But then we wear glasses, and we realize
There are still better things for us to see
We are just too busy with what we think should be

I just need us to figure out
What we really want from us
I already told you my side
You tried to say your bit
But then you backed away and tried to hide
Well, I must say I’ve done my part
I told you enough, I showed you enough
It’s either this is it, or you will step up…

At the end of the day 
My stand remains the same
Just be true to yourself
Do what you feel is right
Be happy without sacrificing too much
I can sacrifice you for you
And I now give you permission
To sacrifice me for me and you…

From my Facebook Notes Page

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