Thursday, February 15, 2007

You are the one who touched my heart
Your eyes inspired me to become what I was not
Your arms secured my dwindling faith
My soul is weak when I’m within your easy reach

Beside you I know I’m safe
Just by the tender look in your eyes my worries fade
Always I long for your embrace
To comfort me when I’m in pain

I wonder how come it feels so good to be near you
I don’t understand why you
I sometimes think the world is cruel
To put you so near where I can’t reach you

If this is love that I feel
If this is love, what am I to do with this
Why does it have to be this way
Why does it have to be you my best friend

How do stories like mine end
Will the feeling find its way
Will it reach yours, perhaps --
Will you find a place for it in your heart

What is funny after all is to know
That the farthest place in the world is not the Pole
It is right here beside you
Right here where I feel I belong

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