Wednesday, October 25, 2006

and then there was love...

some people have the tendency to be locked in a situation and never have the strength nor the courage to stand up and turn around -- get out of the situation. i'm not talking about situations which you really have to face. you know, that kind that would require you, as a dignified man, to confront. i'm talking about the kind which you, as a DIGNIFIED man, have to leave behind, and leave without a trace. i'm talking about situations wherein it would be silly for you to stay involved in. situations that do not require your presence but you still keep on holding on trying to make sense of your effort to be in it. sometimes you recognize the often hurtful fact that nobody needs you to be there. you're an outcast eventhough you're in. well, the people who are in it may need you, but they may not want you, which is even more hurtful. i bet by now you are already thinking of a very special person in your life. one whom you are trying very hard to reach, but for some unknown reasons, keeps on stepping back. you, fool!, are under a powerful spell. i'm sorry i can only speak but can't help because no matter how vivid the image of the situation is to me, i am powerless and helpless, because i, mayself, couldn't resist it. i am drowned in it and can't get out... i just hope that for both you and me, there is some out there who'll battle this intense force siphoning off all our energy, taking all that we have that we can't help but fall. someone who might be worthy of it all.

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