Saturday, August 25, 2007

hello adrian.

hope this is what you want. thanks for appreciating my writing and i'm honored to have written something that's going to be a part of your love story. ^^

love can really be painful beyond explanation, so frustrating people sometimes go crazy because of it, but the most mysterious about it (which will forever boggle my mind and which leads me to write about it) is the way love makes us do things so unselfish that we never thought we have the power to do. I will never be able to explain how it makes a person so unselfish at the expense of his/her own happiness. True love, that is.

Good luck Al,

(for Adrian)

it gets old...
all the waiting and the worrying
all the secret pain and the fake smiles
that say "i'm ok" when actually,
"i'm not --
dying inside, in fact."

don't say i gave up
too early, without a second glance
i did my share of "i'll stays"
a ton of "i understands"
the tears i haven't shed
all this time,can fill up a dam
i gave you all the chance
i gave you all the time
to figure yourself out

i know i may be sorry
to leave you when i know
damn well that only you
can make me feel the way
i do... i know i may be sorry
i really do

but then should i really
just look straight ahead
of this one-way street?
should i just keep on walking
the same way i have always been --
towards you...always
without question

i wonder: if i just gather
all the strength i still have
left, i may be in for something
better, something real
and i know -- when i don't meet
you in the eye --
this is the right thing to do
because I have so much love
to give, and sadly --
it shouldn't be for you

at least, i had
learned to live and love
through you i've known
the greatest laughs and cries
i've had experienced
a great true love
only it has ended
no matter how i longed
for it to last

i will miss you
that's certain
the tears i held back
may finally find release
sure, i will never forget
you,never will i forget all
the memories, never will
i regret the bliss

you've been a part of me
all these years, tell me
how will i explain this
how can we not miss,
you've been more than
family, more than the best
there could ever be

if only i can keep you
but then i know
that's an impossibility
not after what we've said
and done, no it may never be
but please take care
my love, and remember
words are but words
we may say, but never mean
listen to what my heart says
don't mind my thoughless

find someone whose love
will top my love, find someone
worthy of what you got
that's the only love you deserve
love that is far greater,
far stronger that what i gave

don't you worry
don't despair for me
because if i learned something
big in this affair,
that is: to love truly
you have to feel pain
to love truly doesn't mean
to cling, to love truly
is just to love and
love without fear of it's end

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