Tuesday, June 12, 2007

May 07, 2007

I psyched myself not to mind. It won't hurt, I told myself. If the inevitable finally surfaces, I'm ready. I won't get affected. I was so sure because I never thought it would happen like how it did. Without premise. Without notice. Again, a display of my insuperable stupidity. Who was I kidding? Why would there be any notice? Who am I, anyway? I'm just a nobody. Why would anyone bother to knock my head first before showing up, unannounced? But for Pete's sake, I'm human! I feel! I hurt! I may not be an exemplary human being but still I AM HUMAN! So, I deserve some kind of consideration just like the rest of the species do. That won't hurt anyone, will it? I mean just a little consideration. That's not asking much. Respect and a little consideration.

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