Thursday, January 18, 2007

There’s something I wanna tell you
But a lot of things hold me back
Like the way we laugh together
Like when we’re silent but in touch
I wonder if telling you will change all that
I wonder if telling you will tear us completely apart

We’re so comfortable with each other
So comfortable yet I know what we have is fragile
I know one little slip and it’ll shatter
Because that’s how it goes when two people are uncertain

It seems to me that you’re fine with all this
Sadly though, I’m starting to feel left out
I don’t know the picture you’re painting anymore
I don’t think I see it the way you do, the way I did before

It all changed because of that little kiss
Suddenly everything became complicated
I can’t contain my confusion any longer
I feel like any moment I’ll burst and be blown away

It scares me to think that you may not know me after all
You may think that, that kiss was just a spontaneous act
No feelings attached
No feelings attached

If only you knew that’s my way of saying I love you

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